Chapter 2:
1. When Carl got on the plane and saw the air hostess ...
a. he felt in love with her.
b. she reminded him of his daugther.
c. she reminded him of his sister.

2. When Harald was on the plane with Carl, he showed him the presents he bought for his sons. (True of False?)

3. Harald is a ...
a. pilot.
b. police officer.
c. soldier.

4. Harald also had a cup of coffee on the plane. (True or False?)

5. After the Captain spoke to the crew, the air hostess came out of the cabin. She ...
a. was crying.
b. very worried.
c. had a machine gun.

Chapter 3:
6. When Helen Sandberg arrived home her daughter told her that she was late.

7. When the phone woke up Helen Sandberg, she was ...
a. happy.
b. angry.
c. worried.

Chapter 4:
8. The hijackers hijacked the plane because they wanted to recover two of their brothers from prison. (True or False?)

Answer key:
1. b / 2. T / 3. b / 4. F / 5. c / 6. T / 7. b / 8. T.