Vaughan World: lee con atención y responde las siguientes preguntas!
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reading Aki Morita 01.jpg
1. What happened last week to Aki Morita?
2. How long have he and his family been in Louisiana?
3. How is the factory running now?
4. How did the magazine “Manufacturing Renaissance” rate the factory?
5. Why did the previous general manager of the factory go back to Japan?
6. Why was Aki the logical choice to take over?
7. What can you say about Aki’s work schedule?
8. Is he one of the first or one of the last to leave the factory in the evening?
9. What is he still surprised about?
10. What kind of lessons is Aki’s wife taking?
11. When will she be able to start driving?
12. What has Aki reserved for her?
13. What’s the first thing Aki’s wife wants to do with the new car?
14. What day of the week will she choose to go to New Orleans?
15. Why will she go on a Saturday?


reading Aki Morita.jpg

1. When did Aki have the meeting?
2. How many other people were there in the meeting?
3. Who did Aki have the meeting with?
4. Did he know about the meeting in advance?
5. Did he think he knew the subject of the meeting?
6. What did he think the subject was going to be?
7. Was the meeting in an office or in a meeting room?
8. When he got there, what did his boss offer him?
9. What did his boss say the meeting was about?
10. What was Aki’s first reaction?
11. What did he remember?
12. Where was the factory going to be exactly?
13. Was Aki nervous?
14. Did he understand the reason for the meeting at first?
15. What did his boss tell him that Honda needed?

reading Anna Barghini.jpg
1. What are Anna and Karl doing right now?
2. What are they coming back from?
3. Where did they spend their honeymoon?
4. How long did their honeymoon last?
5. Why did they decide to take only one week off?
6. How long ago did they decide to get married?
7. Whose decision was it really?
8. What were Karl’s feelings for Anna?
9. How long had Karl been crazy about Anna?
10. What were Anna’s feelings at the beginning?
11. Why was she hesitant at first?
12. What was Anna’s opinion of Karl’s intelligence?
13. What subjects could he talk about in depth?
14. What was Anna’s opinion of Karl’s character?
15. Had she met many men like him?

reading Denise Johnson.jpg
1. How old is Denise Johnson?
2. Who does she live with?
3. Does she live in Omaha?
4. Where does she live?
5. Does she attend a secondary school?
6. What kind of school does she attend?
7. Is she in her first year?
8. What year is she in?
9. Does she go to school on the bus?
10. How does she go to school?
11. Does she get to school at 9:00?
12. What time does she get to school?
13. Does she study before her first class begins?
14. Where does she go when she gets to school?
15. Does she play with her brother in the playground?

reading Karl Polster.jpg
1. Who was Karl Polster sitting opposite?
2. Where were they having dinner?
3. Where was the restaurant?
4. What had Karl done in his letter to Anna?
5. When had he sent it to her?
6. How did he feel in front of her?
7. What qualities did Anna possess in Karl’s eyes?
8. What impressed him even more?
9. What could one say concerning her wealth and corporate position?
10. What would one have to admit concerning her beauty?
11. What had she won among a lot of people at Mercedes Benz?
12. Why had she gained their respect?
13. What did Karl desperately want to gain from her?
14. What was it he couldn’t keep from feeling?
15. Was Karl older than Anna?

reading Ines Garcia.jpg
Lee con atención la lectura y responde:
1. How old is Inés?
2. Who does she live with?
3. Does she live in the north or south of Spain?
4. What city does she live in?
5. Does she live in Seville or outside of Seville?
6. How far does she live from Seville?
7. Does she live 20 kilometers east or west of Seville?
8. Is she a doctor?
9. What does she do?
10. Does she work in the public sector?
11. Does she work in a law firm?
12. Whose law firm does she work in?
13. Is this her first or second year in the law firm?
14. Does she do a lot of different things in the firm?
15. What kind of things does she do?
16. Why do other people in the firm ask her for help?


reading Li Tong.jpg
Lee la lectura con ateción y responde:
1. Is Li Tong 31 years old?
2. How old is he?
3. Does he live in Peking?
4. What city does he live in?
5. Does he live in a small apartment or in a big house?
6. Does he live with his mother?
7. Who does he live with?
8. Is Shanghai a big city or a small city?
9. Are there 20 million people in Shanghai?
10. How many people are there in Shanghai?
11. Does Li Tong work in an office?
12. Where does he work?
13. Is the factory near the mountains?
14. What is the factory near?
15. Does the factory make shoes?
16. What does it make?
17. Is there a big demand for telephones in China?

reading Li Tong 02.jpg
What was Li notified of yesterday?
2. When would his promotion become effective?
3. What would he be in charge of?
4. Who would he report to?
5. What would this mean for his base salary?
6. When would his salary be increased?
7. What additional income could he earn?
8. What was Li’s reaction when he received the news about his promotion?
9. Who had been at his worktable three weeks before?
10. Who was the Australian man?
11. What kind of question did the two Chinese managers ask Li when they were showing the Australian man around the factory?
12. Did Li speak to the Chinese managers or directly to the Australian man?
13. What language did he speak to him in?
14. How was the quality of Li’s English?
15. What did Li explain to the Australian man?

reading Luigi Barghini.jpg
1. How old is Luigi Barghini?
2. Is he from a big city or a small town?
3. Where is the small town?
4. Where does he live now?
5. Does he live in a beautiful villa or a small flat?
6. Who does he live with?
7. What’s his wife’s name?
8. Does Luigi have a lot of money or only a little money?
9. Why does he have a lot of money?
10. What does the factory supply to Fiat?
11. Where is Fiat?
12. What is Luigi’s position in his company?
13. Who is the Managing Director of his company?
14. What does she take care of in the company?
15. What does Luigi spend a lot of time doing?

reading Luigi Barghini 02.jpg
1. When did Luigi Barghini go to Germany?
2. How many days did he stay there?
3. What city did he fly to?
4. Did he go to Stuttgart alone?
5. Who did he fly to Stuttgart with?
6. What hotel did they stay at?
7. Did they have three meetings on the first day?
8. How many meetings did they have on the first day?
9. Who did they have the meeting with?
10. Did they talk about a possible contract?
11. What family did they talk about during the meeting?
12. Who did Luigi and Anna have lunch with?
13. Did they have lunch in a local restaurant?
14. Where did they have lunch?
15. What two things did they talk about during lunch?

reading Michael Johnson.jpg

1. Is Michael 12 years old?
2. How old is he?
3. Does he live alone?
4. Who does he live with?
5. Does he live in Kansas?
6. Where does he live?
7. Does he go to a private school?
8. What kind of school does he go to?
9. Is the school far from his house?
10. Is it near or far from his house?
11. How far is it from his house by car?
12. Does his sister go to the same school?
13. Does she go to the same school or to a different one?
14. Is his school far from his sister’s school?
15. How far is it from his sister’s school?

reading Nancy Johnson.jpg

1. Is Nancy 33 years old?
2. How old is she?
3. Is she Nigel’s wife?
4. Whose wife is she?
5. Who does she live with?
6. Where does she live?
7. Is she from Nebraska?
8. Where is she from?
9. Is Kansas far from Nebraska?
10. Is it near Nebraska?
11. Is it north or south of Nebraska?
12. Is Nancy a school teacher?
13. What does she do?
14. Does she teach?

reading Natasha Zarakovich.jpg
1. When will Natasha be leaving for Moscow?
2. What airline will she be flying?
3. Where has she spent the last two days?
4. Who has she spent these two days with?
5. What have they been doing in London?
6. What play did they see last night?
7. What was Natasha’s opinion of the play?
8. 8. What play had she seen the night before?
9. What had she thought about that play?
10. How did she compare “The Phantom” with “Beauty and the Beast”?
11. What seemed incredible to her about “The Phantom”?
12. What did she buy after the show?
13. Where did she buy it?
14. Did she have a CD player in Moscow?
15. What did she decide to do about this problem?

reading Phillip Johnson.jpg

Lee con atención y responde:
1. Did Phillip have a busy morning yesterday?
2. Did he get up at the usual time?
3. What time did he get up?
4. What time does he usually get up?
5. Why did he get up earlier than usual?
6. Why did Nancy have to leave home early?
7. How far was the client from Lincoln?
8. What time did Nancy leave home?
9. Who prepared breakfast for Phillip?
10. Who usually makes breakfast?
11. Was yesterday an exception?
12. What did Phillip do before the children got up?
13. What did he prepare his children for breakfast?
14. What time did he leave home?
15. Did he leave home alone?

reading Pierre Monet.jpg
Lee con atención y responde:
1. How old is Pierre Monet?
2. Does he live in Paris or London?
3. Where does he live in Paris?
4. Is he married or single?
5. How many children does he have?
6. How many of his children live at home?
7. Where does his son, Gerard, live?
8. Is the residence near or far from the Sorbonne?
9. What does Gerard study at the Sorbonne?
10. Does Pierre work in a company?
11. Is he a civil servant or a politician?
12. What Ministry does he work in?
13. What department does he work in?
14. Where is the Foreign Ministry?
15. Does Pierre drive to work every day?

reading Pierre Monet 02.jpg

1. How does Pierre consider himself?
2. Does he consider translating a difficult job?
3. Who was he going to meet the next day?
4. Who did the Prime Minister want to congratulate?
5. What did he want to congratulate him for?
6. How did Pierre consider this translation?
7. Did he do a special job this time or a normal job?
8. When did he receive the document?
9. Was it a speech or a report?
10. Was it in French or in English?
11. Who was the Prime Minister going to speak to?
12. What language was he going to use in the speech?
13. Were the translation instructions simple or difficult?
14. What did Pierre know about the Prime Minister?
15. What decision did he make?

reading Ronny Perkins.jpg
1. How many years has Ronny Perkins grown in the last week?
2. What has come together to wake him up to reality?
3. When did the first event start?
4. Where did he meet Yvette?
5. What was she like?
6. How many women had Ronny met like Yvette?
7. Why hadn’t he met anyone like her?
8. Who was Yvette’s father?
9. What was she doing at the cocktail party?
10. What did Ronny do after the cocktail party?
11. How many weeks did they go out together?
12. How old was Yvette?
13. What had Ronny tried to impress her with?
14. Why hadn’t Yvette been impressed?
15. What had she instantly realized about Ronny?


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