1. Age:

I'm 20. / I'm 20 years old.
I'm about 20. / I'm about 20 years old.

2. Height and build :

- we use the verb be with adjectives like tall, short, etc., and that we frequently use modifiers, e.g. a bit, quite, very / really, etc. I'm tall. / I'm slim. / I'm short. / I'm overweight. / I'm medium height. / I'm well built.

- we use have + hair (except with the adjective bald), and that we don't use an article, e.g. she has a long blond hair / the long blonde hair.

- when we describe a person physically ... height, build, and hair are the aspects we tend to concentrate on. We may also mention other features (eyes, nose, etc.) but usually only if they are in some way significant, e.g. She has beautiful eyes.

- What does he / she look like? = Can you describe his / her appearance?
- What is he / she like? = Can you describe his / her personality?

Remember: fat is the opposite of thin and slim, but slim = thin in an attractive way.

3. Hair:

I have blond(e) hair. / I have fair hair.
I have grey hair.

I have a ponytail.
I have long wavy hair.
I have short brown curly hair.
I have red shoulder-length hair.
I have straight dark hair.

I have a fringe. (flequillo)

I have a beard.
I have a moustache.

I am bald.

4. General adjectives: