Practise this situation at home:

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Possible problems or things you may say in your dialogue:

Could you help me with my suitcase?

The lift doesn’t work.

I’ve lost my key.
I’d like to change my room. It’s too noisy.

The phone in my room doesn’t work.
Could you tell me the way to the swimming pool?

Have you got a map?
Could you call me up at seven o’clock
tomorrow morning?

There isn’t any hot water.
Could you call me a taxi to take me to
the airport?

A single room with a bath, please.

Could I have a sandwich for room 207?

There aren’t any towels.

There’s water everywhere

Where is the gym?

The lights went out

I need to see a doctor.
The TV doesn’t work.

Where’s the lift?

I spilt some juice on the bed sheets

I can’t open the window.

Where’s the restaurant?

Remember that you learnt vocabulary food last year in Básico 1 - Unit 7A - FOOD

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Good manners at a hotel (calling reception from your room):
Will you bring me a salad, please?
Would you bring me a salad, please?
Would you please bring me a salad?
Could you (please) bring me a salad?
Could you possibly bring me a salad?
Would you kindly bring me a salad?
Would you mind bringing me a salad?
Would you be so kind as to bring me a salad?

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