Remember that you already studied directions last year: Básico 1: Unit 6Practical English - In the Street: Asking for Directions


Match the indications with the pictures:
Key: 1c / 2a / 3d / 4b / 5e

Asking for and Giving Directions:
How do I get to ...?
Go straight on (until you come to the traffic lights.)
What's the best way to get to ...?
Go straight ahead until you get to Main Street. Then ...
Is ......(street) near here?
Go along ...
Where is ...?
Go down this street.
Do you know where the post office is?
Go over the bridge.
Do you know where I can find a good Chinese food restaurant?
Go through the park.
Can you tell me how to get to the post office?
Go up the street. / the scalators.
Can you tell me the way to ....?
Go across the square.
How many blocks is that?
Turn left. / right (into Oak Street) / (on Pine Street).
Which side of the street is it on?
Turn back. / Go back.
Is it far?
Cross the river. / the street.

Take the first / second road on the left / right.

Take the Green Line to Oak Station.

Take the number 14 Bus to 25th Street.

Pass the post office. / the department store.

It's on the left / right. It's on your right / left.

It's on the corner of Second Avenue and Pine Street.

It's on / in Oak Street. / Second Avenue.

It's on your right side of the street. / It's in the middle of the block, next to the bank.

It's across from the bank. / the high school.

It's opposite the library.

It's in front of ...

It's next to the park.

It's about two or three blocks.

It's near ...

It's between ...

It's at the end (of)

It's on / at the corner

It's behind ...

It's (just) around the corner.

It isn't very far. You can walk there in ten minutes. / It's quite far. You'd better take a train. / take a bus. / take the underground. / take the metro. / go by bus.

I'm sorry, I don't know. I'm from out of town.

In a metro / bus / train:
· Get on (the metro / bus / train) at ...
· Change at ...
· Change to the rain line.
· Get off (the metro / bus / train) at ...

I met him on the street. (=Me lo encontré en la calle, traducción del Diccionario Oxford Español-Inglés, Inglés-Español).
I met him in the street. (=Me lo encontré por la calle, traducción del Diccionario Oxford Español-Inglés, Inglés-Español).

It's on Elm Street. (=Está en la calle Elm, traducción del Diccionario Oxford Español-Inglés, Inglés-Español).
It's in Elm Street. (=Está en la calle Elm, traducción del Diccionario Oxford Español-Inglés, Inglés-Español).

Dialogue and activities:

Directions - Activities on-line:
· Asking and giving directions
· Listen and tick T / F
· Asking directions - Multiple choice
· Real English - Videos and exercises
  • Following directions. You're at the train station. Listen to the audio and find out where my house is!
  • Following directions II. You want to get to the station from your friend's house. What is the fastest way? After each listening you'll have to answer a question.
  • Asking for and giving directions. Listen to reporter Helen as she tries to find her way around London and the office and look at different expressions she hears on her journeys. When you've listened to the programme, don't forget to practise what you've learned with the quizzes below!

· Giving Directions Games OUP (Click on "game".)


Listening Practice

Click on the link, listen and do the activities: · The London Uderground


Going to the museum:


Communication - shopping (review also the comparatives)


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