Typical mistake: e.g. If he'll phone, I'll tell him.; or If I'll miss the bus, I'll take a taxi.

Zero Conditional and 1st Conditional:

Zero Conditional:

1st Conditional:

Do these activities on the 1st Conditional:

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· http://www.learnenglish-online.com/grammar/tests/1stconditional.html
  • Exercise 1: Conditional with If. Complete with the right verbal tense.
  • Exercise 2: Condition. Complete the sentences.
  • Exercise 3: Mix and match.
  • Exercise 4: Complete the sentences.
  • Exercise 5: Use the verbs to complete the sentences.
  • Exercise 6: Mix and match.
  • Exercise 7: Read about first conditional and do the quiz.
  • Exercise 8: Click on the words to make a gramatically correct sentence.
  • Exercise 9: Put the verb in brackets into the Future Simple or Present Simple.
  • Exercise 10: Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tense using the Future Simple (will) or Present Simple (do).
  • Exercise 11: Do the exercises: 1 2 3
  • Exercise 12: A Silly Story. Fill in the gaps to make a story. Lots of practice for putting verbs into the correct sentence. Then they write they own story.

Sing these songs (using the 1st Conditional):


confusing verbs

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