= headache
+ -ache /eik/
= backache

= toothache

= stomachache

How do you feel?
¿Cómo te encuentras?

I don't feel well.
No me encuentro bien.

What's the matter?
¿Qué te pasa?

I'm ill.
Estoy enfermo /a.


If you're feeling faint, sit down.
runny nose
el catarro
When you have a runny nose, don't forget to take handkerchiefs.
If you feel sick, have a tea.
dolor de estómago
If you have a stomachache, don't eat fatty food. (no comas grasas)
estresado /a
When you're stressed, try to relax.
the allergy
la alergia
If you have an allergy, you sneeze especially in spring.
the blocked nose
la congestión nasal
When you have a blocked nose, you can't breathe well.
the cough
la tos
If you have a cough, you shouldn't smoke.
the diarrhoea
la diarrea
If you have diarrhoea, you shouldn't eat chocolate.
the fever
la fiebre
If you have a fever, go to bed.
the flue
la gripe
When you have flu, you have a fever and your whole body aches.
the headache
el dolor de cabeza
If you have a headache, take a pill.
the illness
la enfermedad
If you have an illness, listen to your doctor.
the sore throat
el dolor de garganta
I have a sore throat.
the virus
el virus
When you have a virus, you have to take medicines.
to have a cold
estar resfriado /a
If you have a cold, drink a lot of water.
to vomit
If you vomit, then something didn't agree with you. (algo te ha sentado mal)

Questions (patient):
Answers (pharmacist):
What do you recommend for (...a cold)?
You could try these "Cold be gone" tablets. They are very good.
Do you have anything for a (...sore throat)?
Yes, these pills should work.
What do you suggest for (...an upset stomach)?
You could try these antacid tablets.
I need something for a (...headache).
Why don't you try aspirin?
Are there side effects?
You may feel dizzy. / You may have a stomachache.
When should I take it?
Every six hours.
Should I take this with food or without food?
It doesn't matter.
Is it safe to drink alcohol with it?
Can I drink alcohol with it?
No, it isn't. You shouldn't drink alcohol.
It's not safe.
How many days should I take it?
Not more than two weeks.
Is this okay for pregnant women?
Yes, it's fine.
Will I have an allergic reaction?
I don't know, it's possible. You should ask your doctor.
Can I take this medicine with other medicines I already take?
What are you already taking?

Pharmacist's possible suggestions:
· Don't drive when you take this medicine.
· You shouldn't drive when you take this medicine.

Questions (pharmacist / doctor):
Answers (patient):
What seems to be the problem?
My left knee hurts when I bend it.
Where does it hurt?
My right ear hurts.
How long has it hurt?
It started to hurt three days ago.
Have you done or eaten anything unusual in the last few days?
No, just the normal stuff.
Let's check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.
You need an injection of penicillin and I'll give you a prescription for pain pills.
Can't I have a pill instead, I hate shots.
Do you need a bag?
Yes, please.

Pharmacist: Good morning, may I help you?
Customer: I have a runny nose, can you recommend something?
Pharmacist: This decongestant is very effective, but be careful using it. It causes drowsiness and you shouldn’t drink any alcohol when you take it.
Customer: OK, I’ll try it. I also need some band-aides and sun screen. Where are those?
Pharmacist: The band-aides are on aisle 3, on the left and the sun screen is on aisle 2, on the top shelf.
Customer: Thanks
Pharmacist: Will that be all?
Customer: That should do it.
Pharmacist: That comes to $34.56.
Customer: That expensive! Why so much?
Pharmacist: The prescription medication is expensive. It cost $25.99. I may be able to get you a generic drug for about half that price, but I would have to consult your doctor first.
Customer: No, that’s OK. Don’t bother.
Pharmacist: Here’s your change. Have a good day.

(drowniseness = somnolencia)
(sun creen = pantalla solar)

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· Vocabulary you may need at a pharmacy

At the Doctor's

Watch this video about health in Britain:

The doctor’s given me this prescription.
It’ll only take five minutes, so perhaps you’ll wait.
Have you got something suitable for sore lips?
Rub in this cream every four hours.
Could you make up this prescription for me, please?
I’ll do it for you straight away.
By the way, what do you suggest for sunburn?
This ointment should clear up the trouble.
I’ve been given this prescription by Dr. Worrall.
You can call back for it in about an hour.
Can you give me something for this rash?
Try this tube of jelly.
Can I leave this prescription with you?
I’ll have it ready for you by 5.30.
I’d like something for a stye, too.
Put this lotion on three times a day.

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