Remember that you already saw the Present Perfect in Unit 4A this year: Present Perfect: Básico 2 - Unit 4A

Use the Present Perfect to say how long a situation has continued until now: I've been in this class for two years (= and I am still in this class).

I've lived here since October 2004.
We tend to use since when we want to be exact.
I've lived here for about four years.
We tend to use for when we are approximating:
· for (number) minutes / hours / days / years / months / ...
· for about (number) minutes / hours / days / years / months / ...
· for a few minutes / hours / days / years / months / ...
· for a long time.
· for ages.

Typical mistakes:
· don't use the present tense when you should use the present perfect: I live here since last January; I've lived here since last January.
· don't confuse the use of since and for: I've lived here since three years; I've lived here for three years.

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· i between consonants is usually pronounced /i/, e.g. win.
· i + one consonant + e is usually pronounced /ai/, e.g. wine (be careful, give /i/ is an exception).