You already saw a contrast between the present perfect and the past simple in Unit 4: Present Perfect or Past Simple?: Básico 2 - Unit 4A

past simple
(actions that
where done and
finish in the past)
He went to school yesterday.
He didn't go to school two days ago.
Did he go to school last Tuesday?
How long did he live in Madrid?
I lived in Madrid for two years, but then I moved to Granada.
I lived in Madrid from 2007 to 2009.
· yesterday, last week, last month, last year, ...
· in 1987.
· in January.
· How long ...? (a finished period of time in the past)
· for
· from ... to
present perfect
(past actions which
are still connected
to the present)
Vb to be + participle
How long have you lived in Granada?
He has lived in Granada for three years. (he still lives in Granada)
He has lived in Granada since 2009. (he still lives in Granada)
· How long ...? (from the past until now)
· for
· since
Notice that for can be used in past simple and present perfect sentences, but since only in present perfect sentences.

· The past tense is used in the examples about Alfred Hitchcock because they refer to a finished period of time. He won't make any more films.
· The present perfect is used in the examples about Tarantino because his career as a film director hasn't finished. He is still a film director and will probably make more films.

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